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Hold-a-Phone Bar Style Flip Style with Antenna Flip Style without Antenna PDA, Handhelds, iPods, iPhones, Blackberry's 

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The Hold-A-Phone is featured in Steve Greenberg's Book:
The Hold-A-Phone is featured in Steve Greenberg's Book: GADGET NATION


Why I Did It!

Having been in sales for 20 years (selling liquor) and building brands for my prior employers I thought it was time to start building a brand I could own.

While walking in Boston one cold, snowy afternoon with my cell phone tucked safely under my coat and my hands holding two heavy bags of samples I arrived at my account and upon glancing at the caller id, to my disappointment I read “2 missed calls.” Vowing to overcome that dilemma I inserted the cell phone inside my glove and thought “what a great idea!”

Fast forward to the spring and my idea of having a cell phone more easily accessible continued to haunt me. I went for a bike ride and thinking the cell phone was safely clipped to my waist, the cell phone unclipped and fell to the ground. The thought of my cell phone inside a glove came back to me, but I also wanted to see the caller id.  I thought that if the phone was inside a protective holder that could be worn on the wrist that would allow me to see the caller ID my problem would be solved. I also wanted to be able to use the vibrating option in case I couldn't hear the ring if the phone was under a jacket. Lastly, it must be user friendly so that I could use the phone without taking it out of the holder. 
The Hold-a-Phone was born!

Once I had the concept the advantages became very apparent, but it had be universal enough to hold most cell phones on the market because I didn’t want to make a lot of different sizes.  Using neoprene would be lightweight, shock resistant, and could stretch for virtually any size phone. The final design gave me all that I needed.