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The Hold-A-Phone is featured in Steve Greenberg's Book:
The Hold-A-Phone is featured in Steve Greenberg's Book: GADGET NATION



Hi Jim,
I wish I was a runner!  I was disabled a few years ago with a spinal cord injury and I am confined to a wheelchair.  Your hold a phone holds my phone, ID, a credit card and insurance cards.  It is a life saver, and I keep it on the armrest of my wheelchair.  I can also use it to strap my phone on my bed rail.  A physical therapist suggested the product to me.  Thanks so much for a great product.  Don't know what I would do without it.
Jeanne M, NY


I am a runner. I'm an ancient 55 and have been running every day since I was about 20 I had a scary experience a couple of years ago and the local sheriff's office instructed me to always take my cell phone with me while running. I have just been holding in it my hand, which is far less than ideal, and now that I have a Blackberry, it is even more cumbersome. Clip-on type phone holders might be OK for walking, but they just don't work for running, so I was looking for something I can wear on my arm.
- Jill S


I don't remember how I found your website, because it's been quite a while ago I got my first holder. It was getting old and didn't always hold the phone like it should, so I ordered another one. No, I am not a riunner. I am disabled, and wear my phone constantly in case of a fall or an emergency. It gives me peace of mind to always have my phone with me.

I can't tell you how many people have commented on it, and said it would be good for their disabled mother, father, etc. I always show them the back where your web address is. I hope these people follow through for you and order a Hold-A-Phone. 
Dolly F.


All I can say is, "WOW!"  I placed my order last night and have shipping confirmation/message from you this morning. That's impressive.
About a year or so ago, a local Christian radio station had a guest on air talking about safety issues (women, parking lots, runners, etc.) and I remember him mentioning a wrist holder for cell phones. I honestly don't remember any brand or company name he may have discussed (I was driving to work at the time) but I made a mental note that having a wrist holder for my cell phone would be so handy.
I am not a runner, although I do walk for fitness and have recently entered my second 5K run/walk event. I know I will use the hold-a-phone for this upcoming event. However, I really wanted the holder for my work. I am a community college instructor in addition to my life as a wife and mom. I ALWAYS want to have my cell phone nearby to stay in touch with my husband, dept. chair, son's school, my elderly parents....it's important to me. And because I wear professional dress attire, I have few options to keep my phone on my person. I intend to use my hold-a-phone when I am on campus (I teach in two buildings that are clear across camps from my office) as well as when I am "on duty" as an active mom.
Thank you for your prompt response to my order. I will be sure to let you know how the hold-a-phone works out for me. I just know it will be something I can't imagine how I ever lived without!
Thanks again, and blessings to you and yours.

Shari W, Hope Mills, NC


At one time, I was a runner but I am now 70 and have developed arthritis in my left hip. I'm having hip replacement in a couple of weeks and I want my cell phone at the hospital with me so I can make calls and check my emails. So many things get stolen from a hospital that I decided to buy something I could wear that would keep my cell phone with me all of the time. I went to the AT&T Store but I bought my phone last January and it is now out-of-date so they don't carry accessories for it.

So, I went on line to google and entered "runner cell phone" because I knew that what I was looking for would come up under runners. Sure enough, it did and I found just what I was looking for.

Mary L, The Woodlands, TX 


I am a runner...and just had my first bout of being harassed by a car full of unsavory characters just yesterday. I had to flag down a driver to use a cell phone to make a report with the police. We live in a spot where there is very little crime but this incident reminded me that I should at least be running with my phone...and am researching other gadgets for back up if need be.

Anyway, thinking back I believe I ran across your site a couple different ways...one via an amazon-ish link and then your site on google. It all started with a search for "protection for runners" or "self defense for runners". I ordered directly through your site because the shipping price was less than amazon! 

I purposely ordered the orange so it would be visible to anyone that decided to bug me...I don't run with music so hopefully the no earphones would make it clear to others that it is a phone and not an iPod! 

Kristi, Edmunds, WA 


I found your website by just doing a Google search. I am a runner and usually run by myself. I was looking for something to carry my cell-phone in and your products are perfect! This is actually my second holder. Somehow I recently lost the first one I purchased a few months ago so I immediately found your website again and placed my order. I decided on the surplus holder as I wasn't too concerned about how the holder looked. I just needed something light weight and small enough to fit on my fore arm. I could barely even see the defect. Thanks for the wonderful products. I feel much safer knowing I can make an emergency call no matter where I am running. I eagerly wait the arrival of my second cell phone holder. :)

Kellie M
Vernonia, OR



I found your website on a Google search for a cellphone holder for runners. 

I had a very scary experience this morning. I was out running in my neighborhood, on a main street in broad daylight, and some guy loitering on the street CHASED ME! It was hands down one of the most frightening experiences I've ever had. I flagged down a car for help which scared him off. The people in the car drove me home and I called the police and filed a report but, by that time, they couldn't find the man who had chased me. 

I know I should have my cellphone with me when I run but I don't usually take it because I don't have a good way to carry it. I am hoping my blackberry will fit well into the Hold-A-Phone and that it will be comfortable for me to wear and use while I am out running. 

I have to tell you that I did lots and lots of searches and there doesn't appear to be another product like yours so you are definitely onto something. I have already sent your website out to my running buddies. I am looking forward to receiving my Hold-A-Phone. I must say I am feeling pretty desperate to have it now after this morning's experience.



Mr. McGrath,

I deployed to Afghanistan with a guy who had a wrist phone holder and he used it like a wrist watch.  He said he's never missed a call since he can feel the vibration where as I keep my phone in the calf uniform pocket and can't feel the vibration all the time. When we got back I Googled cell phone wrist holders and your company was one of the selections.  I told my friends who own Foothills Outfitters in Hartwell, GA about your product and they thought it was a good concept. I hope this helps and I hope your business is able to succeed.
Paul B.
Hartwell, GA


Okay, you'll enjoy how I found your website.

I'm not a runner. Well, I used to be...but that was a lifetime ago.

I sell window coverings for a local company in my area. I was at this woman's house (who, incidentally, didn't buy from me!) and -- out of the corner of my eye -- I spied something on her wrist. I didn't want to stare, so I stole a quick glance when she wasn't looking. At first I thought that she had carpal tunnel!

When I realized what it was, I asked her where she got it. She laughed, saying that men thought it was silly, but women thought it marvelous. I told her that I wear "pocketless slacks" on most days, and the few times I clipped my telephone to my waistband caused scars..the clips on the holders are never smooth.

I was so enthralled with your concept! Today, a bunch of fellow employees celebrated my friend's birthday. I made a copy of the front page of your website and brought it with me. As the client (who wasn't!) suggested, the guys thought it unnecessary (one joked it reminded him of a Dick Tracy comic!), and the women loved it. They mentioned that they may also invest in one...thought I should wear it to the next sales meeting!

Great invention!
:) Lyn G., VA 


Just got your hold-a-phone. Love it! Used it on my runs the last two days. I run in the "middle of no-where" and have not been able to find a comfortable way to carry my phone. There is an extra feeling of confidence now. I found you through a web search on "running with my cell phone". I've already had several inquiry's about where I got the holder because it was so different than others. I will pass along your info. Thanks for such a great product!
Marie M.

My daughter runs and I just found out that she did not have her cellphone with her because she has no way of carrying it while running.  I saw a phone holder in a magazine but cannot remember which one...so this morning I went on line and searched for a cell phone arm band and your website came up....and I am so glad it did...I didn't even think about the band being compatible with her cell phone but now that makes so much sense...Anyway, I am very happy that I did not order the one in the catalog because there was not a choice based on the type of phone you have....I am thrilled that my order has been shipped....I can't believe it was so fast....you beat everyone I have ever, ever ordered from....Thank you....I will make sure your website is bookmarked on my computer and I will tell everyone about the great service....Thanks again... Have a great holiday. ......Mary, MA

My wife is deployed to Iraq and serves our nation as a Medical Officer. She rarely has time for herself, let alone make any journey to the "phone center" to make a call back home. However, when she does call, I would like to be there! I've recently missed three in a row due to a combination of not pocketing my cell-phone, which leads to my leaving it lying around. I work lots in the yard so I cannot hear it when it is in the house. 
With the Hold-A-Phone, I hope to always have my cell phone with me, whether I have pockets or not!... Husband of America's Greatest Soldier... SEAN, MO 

The holders arrived, and one of my daughters used hers last night. It seemed to work quite well (and felt so comfortable, she seemed to forget to take the phone off when she get home). Seems like a good product/idea to me. R Piper, MI
I am the mother of two girls. One of my daughters is 22 and a college student. She is very active and loves to rollerblade, bike, and jog. I am always concerned with the safety issue of her being out somewhere alone and needing help or getting injured. I thought that your product would be perfect for her. My other daughter is 18 and a high school senior. She trains for track by taking long runs throughout the city....J. Stangl, WI

I am an avid runner and run in the mornings (4am) before going to work. I'm a 25 year old female and although I have never had any "close calls" with strangers, I'd feel better having my cell phone with me, whether to use it to call the police or to snap a picture of someone who might be harassing me with the camera feature……..Carrie, Canada

I recently had a bad fall while running and now my husband insists I bring a phone during my run. I went onto my running email group and asked if anyone does that and someone did a search and found your website. I just hope I never have to use it!.........Nancy, NJ

I'm a pet sitter/dog walker and the other day it was very warm outside. I didn't need my coat and had on pants with no pockets. Where was I going to put my phone? I didn't want to leave my phone in the car in case something happened to me or the dog I was walking. I wanted to be able to call someone if I needed help. I ended up having to carry the cell phone in my hand with a leash and a waste bag. This was not very easy. So I am so happy I found your hold-a-phone, it will make my life so much easier. No more holding the phone in my hand while walking dogs or even when I go hiking on my own. It's a wonderful product. Thanks! Gail from Tender Loving Pets-Pet sitting and more….Gail, New Jersey

I was looking for something that you didn't need a belt or bag for.  My kids were refusing to consider carrying their phones when they run alone, but since my 15 year old daughter had a frightening incident recently while running alone, I have insisted she ALWAYS have her cell phone with her.  So I am hoping this will be the least unobtrusive carrier for runners and joggers. Can't wait to get it and I am happy my kids now have NO EXCUSE for leaving the cell phone at home when they run alone….Mary Ellen, PA



The following are unedited responses from customers. Activities include:

Running / Walking / Bike Riding / Exercise / Walking Pets
Real Estate Professionals / Husbands / Wives / Mothers / Parents / Family / Equestrians
Medical Professionals / Physically Challenged / Weight Watchers / Construction

This is what they are saying:

I live in Maryland and my best friend lives in Minnesota. After much prodding from me, she finally started running a few years ago. Now she is a running machine. She runs out in busy areas, near schools and parks. Never taking paths that are questionable. Last night I got a frantic phone call from her. She had been out running and some guy had assaulted her. She had the wits to kick him and run to the nearest place to use the phone. After the police came , she realized how stupid it was that she did not run with her cell phone all the time. If she had, she could have gotten to the police a lot sooner. I got online last night and tried to find a wrist pouch like I have seen before to send to her. Instead, I found this product. I think it will be easier for her to flip open her phone than to unzip and pull out her phone. I'm hoping this product will make her feel a little safer, so she will not stop running.

Cristina, Maryland


Horseback Riding: I am an avid horseback rider and I take my cell for emergencies. A phone in a saddle bag isn't much use when the horse is running away. My phone has fallen a couple of times, so I was thrilled when I found your web site. Thank you.

Suzie, St. Anthony ID


Concerned Parent: I actually was searching the web for a cellphone armband, similar to the ipod armband and came across your website.  As I have teens who are runners, my concern has been, as most parents, their safety.  It seemed silly for them to have cell phones and not be able to comfortably carry them as they run on average 4-5 miles/day.  Sometimes they run in groups, but there are many times, my girls run by themselves.  I truly appreciate the hold-a-phone concept, and hope my girls will use them as well.  …Debbie Derby CT


Workplace Safety Coordinator: As our company's Safety Coordinator, I need to have my cell phone available at all times.  Being female, I don't always have a pocket or belt to attach it to.  Hopefully, your product will solve this problem. I also do a significant amount of horseback riding and would rather have the phone attached to me instead of the horse….Joanne, Aurora IL


Events Manager: I saw it in Health magazine and thought it was great!  I am an events manager for a large company and am constantly running around.  I despise the clip holders for the cell phones because they are too bulky (and not very attractive).  I saw this and thought it looks fun, as well as being practical.  I ordered one for my assistant, too.  We have a large event on Wednesday-Friday and this product would come in handy!

Michelle, Manager-Office Services ING DIRECT USA 


Runner: I read about the Hold-A-Phone in Runner's World magazine. I ordered two - one for myself and one for a friend. I got my package yesterday and went out for a run with it right away. It worked out great! I had it on my wrist, and though it might take a little while to get used to the weight there, the phone was always very secure and I soon realized I didn't have to worry about it flying out of the holder at all!

I've been looking for a way to take my phone when I run - my friend who I bought the other holder for goes as far as wrapping plastic around her phone and putting it in her sports bra! Hopefully she'll find this easier to use! … Carolyn, Portland, OR


"One of the police detectives that I office with is a serious runner. He brought his Runners World magazine to the office to read. I commented that I never have a place to clip my phone and he showed me the article in the magazine. We convinced each other that this was our answer!

I work for the FBI and we are always on the run. I have lost my phone numerous times, due to my lack of pockets......Linda, TX


I saw it featured in Health magazine. I purchased it due to a recent assault while I was out running & I want to continue running but be safer. thanks,......Jennifer, KS


Originally, my wife saw the item in Health Magazine. We run frequently and because of our schedules, we are not always able to run together. The Hold-a-Phone seems like a great way to insure that we can always reach one another. This helps to insure our safety and our availability in the case of an emergency. Also, while I prefer to run in urban areas, my wife prefers to run trails through the woods. The Hold-a-Phone will provide her with a way to get help if she were to twist an ankle or hurt herself so that she could not get back down the trail. This product helps put my mind at ease that my wife and I will be safer while running and exercising......Adam, NJ


"My niece and me finished running the LA marathon yesterday......
when I discovered this interesting 'thing' on her wrist. She showed me her 'hold-a-phone' which she purchased @ the LA Marathon Expo. She said that her 26.2 mile run was completely hassle-free because she was able to have her cell phone for her family to call her as to her location, and completely forgot that she was even wearing it because of its light weight and style.....comfortable and non-irritating.....Sooooo....I purchased two-one for me and one for a friend. I'll let you know how I like it as well." Best,......Ruth, CA


Physically Challenged: My husband is confined to a power wheelchair and only has limited use of his right hand (his left hand and arm are immobile).  We strap the Hold-a-Phone™ to his left wrist above his wristwatch.  This enables him to make and receive calls using only his right hand and a Bluetooth wireless earpiece.  Without the Hold-a-Phone™, someone has to dial the phone for him.  The Hold-a-Phone™ greatly adds to his independence and sense of security.  We love it!...Kate, FL


I started walking about 8 months ago.  I look forward to getting up every morning bright and early @ 5:30 a.m.  Well, ok, maybe it's not so bright yet; but I am!  I walk around my block twice, which is the equivalent of 1.8 miles.  I live in a very nice, middle class, sub-division.  Well, some homeless people have come to think that they too should live in such a nice development, so they've set up homesteads behind some heavy shrubbery we have in front on a delineation concrete fence here.  So far, there has been no trouble, but since I walk alone every morning, I decided to take my cell phone with me - just in case.  It's very difficult, not to mention, uncomfortable, to walk or jog with a cell phone dangling off your hip.  When I saw a write-up about "Safety Tips While You Walk" which included your Hold-a-Phone™, I had to purchase one right away.  Once I'm able to secure my phone to my wrist, while still having the option of using the phone, I'll feel much more at ease.  I'll be able to concentrate more on my walking pace, and not so much on my "visiting neighbors".  Thanks for offering this product. Loretta, Florida


My husband and I have recently started to exercise by power walking and jogging, A friend of mine came over and had a cell phone holder for the wrist which is called T-String we thought that it was the best invention ever. We all decided to go for a jog, my husband and I left our phones home because of the hassle, and she took hers along with her strapped onto her T-String.  In the midst of us jogging we hear her scream just as her phone flies off of her wrist and a truck runs it over.  The T-String wasn't as secure as we thought; there was nothing really to secure the phone while jogging because it was a flip phone.  I immediately came home and got online and searched for a secure cell phone holder for the wrist.  I was directed to your site and I got up this morning and ordered the hold a phone.  I've told my job and everyone in my gym about it (I didn't think you'd mind).  I love the fact that it's made to secure a flip phone as well as a regular cell phone.  This will be such a great help. Shakeema, NY


Naval Officer: I purchased the Hold-a-Phone™ because as part of my exercise routine, I like to run. I just ran this morning and had to hold my phone in my sweaty hand. It was not very practical when trying to run and concentrate on time. I see this product as being a good safety device. I was running one day and two pickup trucks full of men started harassing me and shouting racial slurs. I did not have my cell phone, which terrified me when I thought about these trucks possibly following me or stopping to do me harm.

I am also a naval officer in the reserves. I am in charge of the fitness program and I have to have a cell phone on hand in case of emergencies. This will make my job a bit easier since I have to hold a clipboard
to document each person's progress. I am excited about your product!
Trina, AZ


Landscaping: I wear it everywhere - I could have sold this a million times over!! I love it and get many compliments. I will be sure to tell people where to get one. Thanks again, Gillian, HI


I saw a woman wearing her phone on her wrist at the dog groomer's when I went to pick up my pet.  I have 3 little kids and just thought it would be an easy way to have my hands free/phone easily accessible at the same time.  Plus, I think it looks cool!!!  I asked her where she purchased it and she told me online/at your sight. Your products are great. Trudy, HI


 I take my cell phone w/me on walks.  I walk several times a day and am prone to falling.  I like to take my cell phone so that if I fall, hurt myself, etc., I'm able to call for help.  Trying to clip my phone onto my shorts is uncomfortable and the phone is really too heavy for the thinner walking shorts.  When I saw the ad in Fitness, I knew right away that I had to order one!

 CARLA, San Diego


Weight Watchers: I'm a lifetime member of WW (Weight Watchers) and still attend meetings at work. I'll use the phone holder mainly when I run, but probably when working in the yard, too (not as often as I run). I ran my first marathon last March in Central Park, NYC and carried my cell phone in a fanny pack. Friends who came to cheer would call and check with me from time to time to see where I was on the course. Unfortunately I wasn't able to feel the phone vibrate through the fanny pack and missed their calls. I believe this problem will be solved with the arm band holder. At least I should be able to hear the ringer. Now I'm training for another marathon and will carry my phone on my longer training runs, as well as in the marathon. Today it was so hot that I wimped out after running 60 minutes. I was about 6 miles from home - it would've been nice to have had my phone with me. Since I didn't, I had to walk home 

Patricia, OH


Equestrian: I recently read an article in our local equestrian magazine about an armband cell phone holder.  The article highlights new products that are beneficial to the equestrian community.  For safety reasons as well as the high probability of losing your cell phone while riding makes your product a great idea for horseback riding.  They didn't list your company specifically so I just did a search on yahoo for armband cell phone holder and up you popped!  Donnie, VA

 I read an article in our local newspaper about exercise gear.  It originally appeared in the Pittsburgh post-gazette and was written by Pohla Smith.  The Hold-a-Phone™ was listed with the price, web site and phone. Now that the spring and summer weather are here, I will walk in our county parks and wanted some way to contact someone if I had a problem and no one else was around.  A friend fell in a state park and broke her leg.  Fortunately she was with someone, but usually she walks alone.  The Hold-a-Phone™ would be convenient to keep the hands and arms free to move and not be burdened with a pack especially on shorter walks.
Cheryl, IL


In some cases, I wear a dress and can't clip it to my waist.  Funny...just the other day, I was at the gym on the tread mill with my cell phone clipped to the waist of my logging pants, I got a call, dropped the phone, bent down to pick it up, fell and skinned my knees...if I had a Hold-a-Phone™, I would have saved my knees. :o) Robin, MD


I run in the woods alone and thought it might be smart to take my cell phone with me in case I get hurt and need to call someone for help.  I can't wait to get it and try it out!!!
Leslie, MI


I heard about the Hold-a-Phone™ in Air Tran magazine.  It's perfect for my wife, as she's a runner, and I want her holding her mace, and yet have accessibility to her phone.Thanks!   Gary


I saw the Hold-a-Phone™ in Fitness magazine... I am training for a marathon, and I brought my phone during the last one I ran and my shorts keep slipping down cause of all the weight with my phone, tons of power gel and my disposable camera... So this will come in very handy!  Just another one of those ideas I wish I would have come up with! 
Jules, MO


I found the information about Hold-a-Phone™ by searching the web.  I purchased the Hold-a-Phone™ because I rollerblade and bike frequently.  Rollerblading with a cell phone in your shorts/pants pocket is extremely uncomfortable.  Also, it is such an inconvenience to clip the cell phone onto your waistband and worry about it falling off or becoming soaked with sweat.  I purchased the Hold-a-Phone™ armband thinking that it would work just the same as my mp3 player armband does.  After my first time out with it, it has lived up to my expectations!  I can even feel the vibration on my arm and not miss a call when I am listening to music as I exercise.  Thanks for offering this great product!


I know that runners on the hike and bike trail here will ask about it.  My husband is an army Special Forces soldier and I will ask him if he wants one when he comes home on leave.  I have a feeling that he and his Special forces buddies will order some.
Tania, TX 


I read about your product in Fitness magazine. My husband mountain bikes alone and doesn't want to put his phone in his pack to bounce around but he needs to carry it to be able to call if he has trouble. I rollerblade alone and would like to carry a phone for safety purposes. This looks like a wonderful product and I look forward to receiving it.
Dena, NH


I found the product in a fitness magazine and have been waiting for something like this...I’m an avid fitness/workout person and included in that is walking/running for about 5 miles...I always carry my cell for safety but it really is a pain...not only do my hands cramp up.... I can’t use my arms like I should be.... so when I saw this I jumped right on it.
Anne, FL


Physician: I heard about Hold a Phone from Shape magazine.  I'm ordering it because I'm a physician and take call from home.  I like to go running, but when I'm on call that means bringing a pager and a cell phone.  I'm hoping this will make it a bit less cumbersome.  Thanks.  Cathleen, OH


Coach: I coach my daughters travel soccer team and I receive a lot of calls from the parents during practice or the game. The phone is a problem if I don't have pockets or a belt. I hope this will be a better way for me to hold the phone.
Ken, NJ


My wife gave me the article from Fitness magazine.  We both run and bike and have not found a convenient way to carry a phone.  We are both concerned about safety.  In addition, we need to be accessible when we are out on the road, and neither a fanny pack nor saddle pack worked for us.  Hold-a-Phone™'s price attracted us to try it because it appears that it will serve our purpose.
Kurt & Katherine, MO


I thought this would be handy to have when I am using my jogging stroller, or at the gym and my baby is at daycare.  I like to keep my phone handy when he is at school and I am not around my phone at work.  I also got one for my mother to use when she is gardening and walking so we can make sure she is safe and another for my husband who constantly loses his phone and has to call the number to find out where it is.
Candy, MS


I saw an article for the hold a phone in my "Fitness" magazine and thought it was a great idea!  I run on a regular basis and also go rollerblading during the summer.  Any time I do not have pockets on my pants I will use it even if it is just hanging out with friends.
Chrisy, MI


Extensive browsing of the Internet brought me to your web site.  I, as a woman, was looking for a phone case that didn't sit at the waist – being somewhat curvy those darn holster clips stick me there.  Also was looking for something that wasn't dependent on a belt to be carried.  I had seen only two choices for me which were some tacky "phone thong" worn around the waist, and some phone bags to be worn across the body. Neither of these suited me as they were tackily obvious and couldn't be worn with discretion and/or did not allow easy access to the phone and viewing of the screen.  The design of the Hold-a-Phone™ will allow me to wear the phone as though it was just another part of clothing, allows for easy access and comfort of wear. (It looks cool too)
Susan, MI


Construction: I've been searching for a good way to carry my cell phone on construction sites, traversing between bldgs (4), walking the dog, take to Pilates, etc. Etc.  I saw the Hold-a-Phone™ advertised in a magazine.  It seemed like the female answer to " how to hold the cell phone when you don't wear a belt & have to hang on to drawings, etc" dilemma!
Nancy, NJ


I think this product is unique. I have been looking for something like this for years. I use it when I go for walks and I use it at work. I have to have my cell with me all the time for work, I support a trading desk and they need immediate response. So if I am wearing a skirt or a dress its hard with the traditional holders because with a skirt it pulls at my skirt and if I wear a dress there is no place to put the traditional holder. This has been extremely helpful. 
Angela, CA


We run and walk or if working or playing outside we don't have belts on our casual shorts to carry the phones so these phone holders will be ideal. This is especially important for us as we have young children that we may leave with a baby sitter when jogging and the need to get a hold of us by phone is critical.



 “…I purchased it mostly for safety reasons when exercising outdoors.....
 I live in Ohio and winter is finally coming to an end, so I will soon be running and biking outdoors again...which I do alone. In the past, I've had several instances both running and/or biking when people in passing cars have thrown things at me, slapped my back while driving by and swerved towards me "pretending" they are going to hit me. I also had an instance where one particular man (that I didn't know) continuously drove past me and followed me throughout my run....I finally stopped at a strangers house and asked to use a phone to call my husband to pick me up. If I had a phone on me, I would have called the police.”
”All of these instances were frightening...I've tried carrying a cell phone in my hand, but that doesn't work and the clips just don't hold them securely when running...the phone bouncing up and down drove me crazy. I do put a phone in the pouch on my bike...but to get to it, I have to get off the bike, unzip the pouch....well you get the picture...not exactly "emergency friendly". Your product would allow quick and easy access and it looks like it lays flat and secure.  Good luck!”
Christine, OH


“My sister and I run very early (4:30 a.m.) in the mornings and got them for safety reasons.  We each walk from our own houses to meet and would feel much safer if we could easily take our phones with us.  We can't wait to try them!  Thanks!”
Karla, NE


“I ordered one to take when my husband and I run. I love it! I have always wondered what would happen if we were far from home and one of us fell?? Now I know that I could easily call for help. Also, in the past I experienced a pretty severe allergic reaction after running. The allergist I saw recommended that I always have a cell phone with me when I exercise. Your hold a phone is much easier than holding my phone in my hand while I run! The order I just placed is for my sister who is frequently gone on long walks with her dog. I might also order one for my mom who takes lots of long walk alone!! Your hold a phone is a great thing to have.”
Julie, OH


“It's perfect for my wife, as she's a runner, and I want her holding her MACE, and yet have accessibility to her phone.”

Gary, OK


“I am training for a marathon, and I brought my phone during the last one I ran and my shorts keep slipping down cause of all the weight with my phone, tons of power gel and my disposable camera... so this will come in very handy!  Just another one of those ideas I wish I would have come up with!” 
Jules, MO
I'm Your Chef www.imyourchef.com


“When the weather warms up I want to start running in the morning before work but I know my husband would worry about me, so I thought this would be perfect. I ordered one for my husband as well.  We go to the park and go hiking quite a bit and now we won't have to worry about carrying the phone with us.  We also have three active young boys so this will make taking them to the park and playing sports SO much easier.  I'm so glad I found your website!”
Lorraine, Ohio


“I will be training for a marathon soon so I ordered two Hold-a-Phone™s, one for me and one for my running buddy. I think this will be a great way for us to keep in touch on long runs if we are running at different paces, and solve the on going problem of how to run with our cell phones! Looking forward to testing them out!”
Michele, NY


“I purchased the Hold a Phone for my flip phone for no other reason than for the convenience of not having to hold it while running. Over the holidays while visiting my sister, I wanted to go for a run in her neighborhood. I asked her if I could borrow a sweatshirt with front pockets to put my cell phone in. I started to run with the cell phone in the pocket and naturally the phone fell out so I held the phone in my hand for the rest of my 40-minute run. It was very unnatural to have one hand closed in order to hold the cell phone while running”
Lalaine Labio, MI


“I used my Hold a Phone today and love it! I always take a cell phone with me when I run. I usually have my cell phone in one hand and the dogs leash in another, makes my running off balance. Today I put the hold a phone on my wrist and freed up a hand and it felt great! I have tried attaching my cell phone to my running tights using the belt clip, and what a joke, my phone would jiggle all over the place and eventually fall off. I will use my Hold a Phone when I run, walk, hike, bike and any other out door activities. It is so nice to be able to free up a hand while doing these activities.”
Mary, CO  


”I intend to use your product for my a.m. (4:00a.m. to be precise) runs in the park. Yes, safety reasons. I need something to keep the phone dry and secure as well as accessible during my runs”
Laurie, MI  


”It looked like an easy way to carry a phone, especially while at a gym. Cell phones that clip on to something have a way of falling off or getting in the way. This one appears more convenient. I saw the review in the March issue of Fitness Magazine.”
Teresa, NY  


“I read about it and got the web address in Fitness Magazine.  I purchased it not only for safety reasons, but for the convenience of not missing any important phone calls when I'm out on long walks or training at the gym.  Now I don't have to worry about my phone falling out of my pocket.”
Tara Wake, CA  


I think this is a terrific idea.  My husband trains for marathons and he is out all the time.  He has been taking his phone in a CD case but it sits on his back where it is tough to reach.  I saw the article in the March 2004 issue of Fitness magazine and had to buy one (actually I ended up buying three!)  One for me when we are all out on the golf course and I do not have pockets and one for my father who holds his phone in his hands when he is walking.  GREAT idea!  Thanks!”
Lynn, MA


“… I am a runner and plan to use while running alone.  I am also running a couple of marathons later this year, so I want to be able to have my phone with me to call my husband when I am getting close to the finish line.  Last time he missed me and my friends coming in for the photo finish.  I told some girls in my running group about it tonight. Hope it works. I got a green one to match my car.”
Cathy, AR      


The reason I purchased your product is because my husband and I are active outdoors - running, kayaking, and hiking.  We carry a phone for security/emergency reasons.  Currently the only option we have of securing the phone is with a plastic clip holder at the waist.  The plastic holder does not protect the phone from the elements, does not prevent the phone from "bobbing" while running/hiking, does not secure the phone enough during the activities, and does not provide a pocket for keys/money.  I am anxious to see how well your product holds up to our active lifestyle.
Melissa, OH        


“I saw the bit about the holder in Fitness Magazine.  I skate on a riverbed trail with a friend of mine.  We skate anywhere from five miles to twenty-five at a time, when we're training for a marathon.  We've often said that we need a way to carry a phone in case of emergency. We're loaded down with protective gear, so this should be the hands free way to give us peace of mind.”
Karen, CA            


Gift for the boss: I heard of Hold-a-Phone™ in Fitness magazine. I thought it was a great idea. I bought it for a doctor who runs and has to do call so he needs his phone with him at all times.... even while working out! I am thinking of getting my own after I see the product because I do a lot of biking and walk my dog a lot and it would be great to have my phone handy but not in my hand.
Dawn, NY


“I read about hold a phone from the Air Tran Magazine. I actually am purchasing it for my boss, he is an ophthalmologist with an active lifestyle. He is also a cyclist. Sometimes he even rides on his lunch break. I know the phone can be a hassle so I thought he would appreciate it.”
Patricia, VA


“I thought it would be great for when I'm out exercising. A friend of mine slid on a patch of ice while walking her dog and broke her leg. Thankfully she had her cell phone with her. I've since been more aware and take my cell phone when I exercise, but it was kind of burdensome. With your device, it should be less cumbersome.”
Janice, VA


EXPECTANT MOTHER:I saw the neoprene 'Hold-a-Phone™' in Fitness Magazine (March 2004).  I run early every morning (5am) and I'm also now 6 months pregnant.  I don't like to hold on to anything when I run, but now feel it would be a good idea to have my cell phone handy for safety reasons in the winter darkness, and especially as I get further along in my pregnancy. Now my phone is with me while still leaving my hands free!  It will also be great for afternoon walks after my baby is born.”
Anne-Marie, WA         February 21, 2004


EXPECTANT MOTHER:  “My daughter is pregnant and was recently followed by a strange man while walking her two small dogs. Another man came by in a car and told her he was watching the guy and had called the police, but that made her very nervous. I read about the Hold-a-Phone™ in Fitness Magazine and decided to order one so she can easily take her cell phone with her when she walks, especially after the baby is born. Sounds like a great idea!”
Jacqueline, NC February 2, 2004 


“I just received the new Hold-a-Phone™. I was not sure it would work because of the long life battery on the v-60 it is more than twice the thickness of the regular Motorola battery. My wife jogs every morning and her phone will not stay in the pockets of her shorts. Now she is very secure and safe knowing her phone is safely secured to her arm. Thank you.”
Jim, TX


My husband always yells at me because I never answer my phone.  I cannot hear it ring when it is in my purse, and I don't like it clipped to my belt, so I thought I would try this out.  Everyone has a cell phone now-a-days, so I will be sure to show it off and maybe get you some more business.”
Rachelle, NM         


”I have a very small cell phone and it gets lost easily. Right now I keep it in a tiny pocket book that is attached to my key chain, but I don't carry my key chain outdoors at home, to exercise and around the house, so that system does not help me when I am moving about the house and can't hear my cell phone, or when I want to exercise or play outside with my children. The Hold-a-Phone™ is perfect for me to keep track of my cell phone and have it next to me at all times. I am a counselor and have three children, so I want my patients and my children to be able to reach me 24/7 by cell phone


The problem for me is that I rarely wear clothes with pockets to put my cell phone in, and I don't like the way cell phones look clipped onto my skirt or pants. (Sorry to be so vein, but it ruins my tailored look.) I kept threatening to get a watchstrap and Velcro my cell phone onto my wrist. And I have looked for a product like yours for a while. Then wella! I opened Fitness Magazine and saw the Hold-a-Phone™. Yeah!! An answer to my prayers. I am very excited to get it and I know that I will have it on my wrist for the majority of each day. Thank you so much Jim, for your innovative concept. And I will be happy to write again after I receive it so that I can give you feedback on the product. I wish you the very best, and I KNOW that you can sell this in many places. Particularly at cell phone centers. People want your product.”
Tamyra, LA  


”I ordered the Hold-a-Phone™ for my daughter's (30th) Birthday she called me and told me that she had found it on the net and would like that as part of her gift since I had asked her for some general idea of what she wanted. I know she wanted it to use while she walks to have her hands free and the phone still be handy and safe as well.”
Shirley, TN



I heard about you from a Realtor chat line. I have been using your wrist carrier ever since I got it.  I'm a Realtor and hate to dig through my pocket book when the phone rings, looking for the doggone thing and missing phone calls.  Now it's always handy.  People have seen it and remarked on it.   Edie Schmitz, ABR, CRS, e-PRO  Associate Broker Realty Executives www.home2tucson.com edie@home2tucson.com


I lurk on the RealTalk and e-PROTalk forums. I've wanted the "Hold-a-Phone™" since 1Q this year, but just never got around to ordering it. I run/jog about 3-4 miles a day (just returned from my run, as a matter of fact), so I know I'm going to love having it for when I exercise. Plus, when showing houses...over the years I've dropped my phone in many pools and on concrete driveways....it falls out of my pockets, or gets lost at the bottom of my purse. I don't have a belt clip because I rarely wear clothes with waistbands (mostly dresses). The "Hold-a-Phone™" will really come in handy! Thanks for coming up with such a cool idea!  Veronica, Texas  http://realtytimes.com/c/hs_VeronicaMullenix


I heard about it on e-pro talk list service and am anxious to see how it works.  I don't take my cell phone to the gym as that is my time to myself.  I want to use it for shopping, running errands instead of searching in my purse when it rings.  To show property, I use something else because I have other things to carry with me. 
Marlene Hoffman Naples, FL
creator of the Naples beachfront condominium report


I am a realtor and usually have my hands full with listing sheets, pda to open the lockbox, briefcase etc. I ordered the Hold-a-Phone™, because I have been leaving my phone in the car during showings of homes to my clients. With the Hold-a-Phone™, I won't be missing my calls and messages, because it will once again be with me when I need it.
Jenny, Arizona 


“I am a REALTOR and it was mentioned by some REALTORS on my e-PRO site from the Ozarks.  …I thought the phone would be good to have with me while I show property.  I never want to miss a call and it will be a good safety device also.  If I like it you may receive other orders from the girls in our office.”
Peggy Gist Hanover, PAhttp://www.crs.com/
Certified Master Of Real Estate


“I am a Realtor so always have to carry my cell phone and sometimes I have no pockets and I do not want to carry a briefcase or purse in every house I show. This looks like it might help. I heard about it from my Realtor newsgroup (E-Pro Talk).
Kathleen Culley, Broker-Associate, E-Pro
Specializing in Residential Home Sales & Relocations homes from Tampa Bay to the Beaches
www.CulleyTeam.com  (727) 776-7739


“After hearing about the Hold-a-Phone™ on a thread conversation on e-Pro talk, (a group of Realtors who are internet savvy) I had to visit your site to see just what this device was all about. It seemed that it would make my business of showing properties a little easier. I must carry with me into a home I am viewing with my clients, my cell phone, and lock box key for opening the home, business cards, and pen and information sheets on the home. This assortment of paraphernalia means I am juggling all these items along with some others not mentioned. Seeing the Hold-a-Phone™ and how it works for hands free carrying made me rush out to order it. I now have it in my possession and will be anxious to give it a try. I already see the convenience when shopping personally or when exercising. Thank you for thinking of my active life when you put this little device together.”
Cheryl Westwood, Realtor/Selman&Assoc.


“After Marilyn telling me how handy she found the Hold-a-Phone™ I got for her I thought I should try one too. I can report after about a week of using it that she is absolutely correct. A very convenient way to carry and use a cell phone. Man, don't you just hate it when women are right?    :-) Now she is going to try hers with the Nokia over the ear headset.”
Larry & Marilyn Daniel, REALTORS®
http://OzarksHome.com   L&MD@OzarksHome.com
Murney Associates, 620 Republic Rd., Springfield, MO 65807
Direct phone: 417-886-3528  Main office: 417-823-2300


Walking the dog: I heard about Hold-a-Phone™ from an article in Fitness magazine. I purchased it because I walk daily with my dog and always carry my cell phone for safety reasons. I have a case for my cell but because the case does not attach to anything I end up putting my cell in my pocket or if I don't have a pocket I end up holding it in my hand the entire walk. Hold-a-Phone™ sounded like a great solution. I also go hiking often so I need a convenient way to carry the essentials.        Shelley, CA


“Whew!  My Nokia phone will fit!  I actually saw it in the March issue of Fitness Magazine while I went for a checkup at the doctor's office.  Thought it was a fabulous idea!  I take my dog for long walks and sometimes I don't have pockets available.  Or if I have pockets, sometimes they really don't accommodate a cell phone.  So this is perfect for me.  I also bought one for my boyfriend who's outdoorsy.  I'm thinking that this would also be good gifts for my girl friends who work out.  Can't wait to receive it!”   Lisa, TX 


”Often times I am walking alone with my dog and having my cell phone with me makes me feel more comfortable. Before the Hold-a-Phone™ I would have to carry it or put it in my pocket. The Hold-a-Phone™ is perfect, once it's on you barely feel it and it is secure.”
Teresa, MA


It seems that I'm getting more and more inquiries about my use of your Hold-a-Phone, from folks not involved in the running community...or in exercise at all. I find the Hold-a-Phone extremely useful in my position as a photojournalist. It keeps my cellphone easily accessible. Plus, by setting the phone to vibrate, I never miss a call because I'm in a noisy environment. My daughter should have had a Hold-a-Phone during a recent climb of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. But she didn't. Her cellphone now is "somewhere on the mountain" along with the phone numbers of her entire circle of friends. I've just ordered a Hold-a-Phone to give her as a birthday present. I've referred a number of people to your website, since retail distribution is so limited. (Makes me wonder: Should I buy a couple dozen units and just have 'em handy? ;-> )
David, MA