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Hold-a-Phone Bar Style Flip Style with Antenna Flip Style without Antenna PDA, Handhelds, iPods, iPhones, Blackberry's 

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The Hold-A-Phone is featured in Steve Greenberg's Book:
The Hold-A-Phone is featured in Steve Greenberg's Book: GADGET NATION


includes (1) 19" flexible/adjustable strap with Velcro

The "Hold-a-Phone" for hand-held devices will hold
almost all of the models on the market today. 
This style holder is ideal for the iPhone and iPod as well as most Blackberry's including the Pearl, Storm, Bold, Tour, and Curve,
Motorola, Samsung, Treo, LG, Nokia, Palm, HTC, and
Garmin GPS devices. Please measure your device before ordering.

The Droid X will not fit in this holder.



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The New Hold-a-Phone features:

  • Holder with strap weighs less than 2 ounces

  • Holds almost all hand-held and GPS devices

  • Holder is 4.75" x 2.25 x 1.25" and will stretch .25" larger over time

  • 18 inch removable strap stretches to 22 inches

  • Foam insert to use for filler and more insulation for smaller phones

  • Cut the strap to adjust for wearing on the wrist, arm, leg, ankle, over a coat, etc

  • Cut holes in the neoprene for your input jacks

  • Perfect for equestrians and cyclists to wear around the calf, leg, or over riding boots

  • Belt loop on the holder to wear on the waist

  • Double zipper for easy access to device jacks

  • Solid clear plastic facing to protect your device

  • Easy dialing and listening without taking the device out of the holder

  • Durable protective neoprene construction

  • Larger speaking and listening access holes

  • Store money, credit card, id inside the holder

  • The holder is not waterproof

  • Clear plastic to protect the face of the device

  • Controls on the face of the device are operable while inside the holder


This holder is a perfect fit for the iPhone.

Black only (Please indicate make and model number of your handheld when ordering)
"All orders are usually shipped within
72 hours"

Retail $23.95 -
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Additional 19" extension strap black $4.00   

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