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1 for $5.00 or 5 for $20.00

If You Have A Race In The Near Future This Can Save You A Lot of Money

I have several hundred FLIP PHONES for cell phones WITH antennae that were shipped during the hottest days of last year. Because of the heat, the printed ink side of the instruction inserts that were folded inside the plastic PVC pockets was touching the plastic PVC pocket staining the inside of the pocket. 

I have had to personally inspect thousands of holders and successfully cleaned many, but not all. The ink stain is faint in some and more pronounced in others, but with the phone inserted into the holder you cannot see the ink, or it is slightly noticeable. The factory in China has refused to credit me for their mistake.

I sell a quality product and want to be up front about this and would like to sell these holders at a big discount. The construction and materials are exactly the same, and with a little effort most of the ink could be removed.

These holders are for cell phones WITH antennae only. Several colors are available for $7.50 and there is no limit on quantity. You can also make me an offer for quantities of 12 or more.

Should you have questions please email me direct at 

Thank you for your business
Jim McGrath
Sole Proprietor

1 flip for $5.00


5 flips for $20.00

1st color
2nd color
3rd color
4th color
5th color:   

QUESTIONS? CALL Jim McGrath 617-424-7673

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