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The Hold-A-Phone is featured in Steve Greenberg's Book:
The Hold-A-Phone is featured in Steve Greenberg's Book: GADGET NATION



Motorola RAZR, Samsung Z510, A900,
Sanyo Katana, Motorola KRZR
and Flip Phones having no antennae

Being safe when heading off the beaten path requires a different set of tools. Runners World Magazine suggests “never hit the road in an unfamiliar area without your cell phone”. Active people like runners, bicyclists, skiers, skaters, and parents walking their children have realized carrying a cell phone can be awkward, cumbersome, and inaccessible on a belt, in a pocket, briefcase, purse, or fanny pack. The Hold-a-Phone™ is the most accessible holder for carrying your cell phone during any activity.


  • Primarily worn on the wrist or arm

  • Eliminates the need to carry a cell phone on the waist, in a pocket, briefcase, purse, or fanny pack where the phone is inaccessible

  • Clear plastic face allows you to see the caller id

  • Speak into and listen from your phone while the holder remains attached to your wrist without taking the phone out of the holder.

  • Wrap around style wrist band is adjustable and more secure

  • Wrap around the handle of a hand bag, briefcase, belt, handlebars

  • Carry a key, credit card, money, or ID

  • 9 inch extension piece available for large arms, or to wear over a jacket

  • Wrist strap is 11” from end to end

The holder has 2 clear pockets for the upper and lower halves of the phone. To use, open the phone and slide the dial half into the clear plastic pocket. Slightly twist and stretch the upper half of the Hold-a-Phone and insert the listening half of the phone into the upper plastic pocket of the holder. The flip half of the phone closes over the face. The safety strap is stretched across the closed phone. Caller id is in clear view.

With the phone inserted there is enough space behind the phone (inside the dial half) and the holder to insert something thin like an id. Once the phone is inside the holder and the phone is closed the item will not fall out because the phone is holding it inside.



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Motorola RAZR, Samsung Z510, A900, Sanyo Katana, Motorola KRZR, and ALL Flip Phones having no antennae: 
Please specify model - this will ensure that your phone will fit properly.

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11" extension strap for very large arms or to wear the holder over a shell or jacket Black only $4.00   


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